2018 National Policy Seminar

IFCSE is proud to support FCCLA students and advisers as they advocate for FCS, FCCLA, and CTE education at the National Policy Seminar (NPS) in Washington D.C. This year Isabelle Warner and her adviser, Kristin Rockhill,  from West Lyon High School attend NPS. Read the article below, published in the West Lyon Herold, to read more about Isabelle’s experience.

In order to convince another person of something, one must first have a strong belief in the cause. For Isabelle Warner, a junior at West Lyon High School, her testament of how career and technical education have impacted her life took her to the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C to lobby for her cause.
Warner and West Lyon family and consumer sciences instructor, Kristin Rockhill, joined other students in Washington March 4-7 through a partnership between The Iowa Association for Career and Technical Education and the Iowa Family and Consumer Sciences Educators aimed at advocating for Perkin’s funding. “Perkins funding funds career and technical education classes, the non-core classes such as family and consumer sciences classes,” explained Warner. “Basically what we’re trying to do is get more funding not just for schools in Iowa but across the nation for career and technical education.”
“Overall, her job was to advocate for family and consumer sciences and to make people aware of the changes happening in that area of education,” said Rockhill. “We’re trying very hard to become more industry-based and a lot of the older legislators think of “home ec” and “Future Homemakers of America” and think of baking cookies. We’re more than that,” said said. “It’s really important with funding that we tell lawmakers we’re working to get students directly into careers in these industries that need people to fill positions,” explained Rockhill. Family and consumer sciences education focus on careers such as those in the hospitality and tourism industries. “Anything from positions in restaurants to the airlines and the hotel/motel industry,” said Rockhill.
Warner says without the impact of FCCLA, she wouldn’t be the person she is today, a statement she wanted to make on Capitol Hill. “I know Perkins funding and career and technical education have impacted me so I want other students to have the same opportunities I’ve had,” she said of the importance of going on the trip. “I want other students to be able to come – not only to FCS classes but to any other career and tech classes – and have the experience of learning these career-readiness skills they wouldn’t learn in the core classes,” said Warner. “I wanted to get the point across that these class are very important.” And now Warner can add lobbying to the list of skills she’s developed through family and consumer sciences education and her involvement with FCCLA. “It was really cool to talk to legislators and let them know this is how I feel, and at a young age when I’m still trying to get my point across,” she said. “Since the funding is for the students, it’s important that the students got to go and tell their personal story and explain how Perkins funding has had an impact on them,” said Rockhill. It was also good for them to see these people working in Washington, what their job is and how the students’ job as a lobbyist is a part of that.”
Article published in the West Lyon Herald – written by Jessica Jensen, Editor

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